24 Hour Video Surveillance

Creekside will be monitored by infrared video surveillance cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.   Each camera's video will be captured on our remote LCD monitor and will be recorded on our DVD system.

We have placed seven surveillance cameras on the office/fitness center building. Infrared cameras will be directed down Rushing Creek Drive to capture all arriving and departing traffic. Other infrared cameras will be directed to the residences while another camera is located inside the fitness center.

Since Creekside Villas is located on a private drive with only one way in and out, traffic will be limited to pedestrian and vehicular traffic for Creekside residents and their invited guests.

Each residence is wired with a complete ADT home security system. Additionally, each resident has an automatic sprinkler fire suppression system monitored by the Town of Boone Fire Department.