Building Materials

The developers of Creekside Villas are proud to provide the latest in today's energy efficient "green" construction technologies.

Exterior & Interior Shared Walls

All exterior and shared walls between residences are built using the LOGIX© insulated concrete form (ICF) wall system. Walls built at Creekside are a minimum 13 inches in width.  The primary structural strength is solid poured concrete with the additional support of (rebar) steel rods placed at 16 inch intervals horizontally and vertically.

The environmental benefits of using ICFs include maximum energy efficiency through continuous insulation providing greater thermal resistance, a far greater R-value rating than any current building code requirements. With insulated concrete you obtain healthier indoor air  which is achieved through reduction of HVAC capacity.

Concrete structures provide many lifestyle benefits including a significant limitation to sound penetration, increased fire protection, and virtually no chance of termite or any type of bug infestations. ICFs are made from recycled materials and remain fully recyclable with a lifespan extending several hundred years.